Covellite Film Club and Institute: Discussing Woman in the Dunes

Filmmaker Raj Amit Kumar and film producer Susan Fink discuss the interesting Japanese film, Woman in the Dunes, by Hiroshi Teshigahara after the screening at the Covellite Theater in Butte MT.

Discussing Kubrick's "The Shining" (1980) Ft. Raj Amit Kumar and Susan Fink

A discussion of "The Shining" with filmmaker Raj Amit Kumar and Film Producer Susan Fink, at the Covellite Theatre, Butte MT.

Filmmaker Raj Amit Kumar on Butte Radio

Here's an inspiring journey of a Indian Filmmaker who grew up on Bollywood and now is making his next film in Montana, USA... Listen to Raj Amit Kumar on Butte Radio and find about him & his upcoming film:

Director of Banned film 'Unfreedom' talks about his experience with the CBFC

In this video, Raj Amit Kumar, the Director of the Banned Film Unfreedom talks about his journey of going through the censorship process in India leading to a ban. It is this same process that all Filmmakers go through. Watch & Share!

Filmmaker: Raj Amit Kumar Calls for Support for his next feature film

Raj Amit Kumar is all set to kick off with his next flick: Shopping Mall. He is looking for your valuable support. He talks about the film and how you can contribute... Watch and share!

BollyWHAT Interviews Unfreedom director, Raj Amit Kumar

Host Kanika Lal interviews director of Unfreedom, Raj Amit Kumar. Another informative interview of Raj Amit Kumar, some serious facts and some candid insights about Unfreedom.

Unfreedom the movie - Director's Perspective, IFFK

Raj Amit Kumar, Director of the banned movie Unfreedom talks about censorship in India and his perspective on the film at IFFK, Kerala where the film was the official selection. Watch to know everything you wanted to know about Unfreedom.

Vote Against Censorship - Full Version

Raj Amit Kumar whose thought provoking independent film Unfreedom was recently banned by the Censor board in India, talks about his personal journey in making the film and how it has turned into a bigger fight against censorship and makes a call to the entire nation and the world to sign the petition against censorship in the fight to preserve our absolute right to freedom of speech and expression.

IFFK Special

Creative Minds IFFK Special Director Raj Amit Kumar 6th January 2015 Full Episode

Raj Amit Kumar talks UNFREEDOM

How Does A Filmmaker Affect Change In The World? - Raj Amit Kumar talks UNFREEDOM

QKnit: Interview with Raj Amit Kumar

An interview with director Raj Amit Kumar of UNFREEDOM.

IFFK MobiTalk

IFFK MobiTalk: Raj Amit Kumar, director of Blemished Light speaks

ITV Gold - Sneha Ramachander interviews Raj Amit Kumar

ITV Gold - A television channel from USA interviewed Raj Amit Kumar, the director of banned film Unfreedom. Raj Amit Kumar reveals some unknown facts about this important film.

Unfreedom Review and Interview with Director raj Amit Kumar

Exclusive Interview with Director raj Amit Kumar about his feature Un-Freedom and upcoming documentary Black Boots for and

How to distribute a Banned Film... QnA with Director Raj Amit Kumar

Unfreedom​ Movie was screened at Kunzum Travel Café​, New Delhi and the director Raj Amit Kumar​ was present to interact with the audience. Here's the video where he talks about Distributing a banned film... and much more. Watch and comment your views!


Screening at the HIVE Khar Mumbai

IIT- Q & A Session

Q & A Session at IIT Powai

Unfreedom Movie | Making of the most Beautiful Scene | Banned in India

The Banned film Unfreedom completes 100 successful screenings all over India with the help of parallel venues and grass-root events. In a year long campaign the movie travelled to various parts of India and did not cause any harm as was suggested by the authorities who banned it. Watch the making of the most serene sequence from Unfreedom Movie and comment your views.