UNFREEDOM is an urgent contemporary thriller about a society torn apart by political, religious, and sexual turmoil. Shifting between New York and New Delhi, the film juxtaposes two powerful and unflinching stories about religious fundamentalism and intolerance, one of which follows a Muslim terrorist attempting to silence a liberal Muslim scholar, while the other is about a young woman who defies her devout father and escapes an arranged marriage because she is secretly embroiled in a taboo lesbian romance. In this searing portrait of the polarized world we live in, all four characters go to their absolute limit—and beyond—in their struggle to defend their deeply-held and conflicting viewpoints on freedom, faith, family and love.


Three small town characters are inching toward their breaking points. This film explores their personal pain, suffering & madness which could bring all of them to kill as many as they can, at a local Shopping Mall in small town America.

Fifty people are dead and more injured. Three characters are present at the Mass Shooting: A Black Marine back from war, A lost and bullied Teenager and a trashy Redneck. Which one of them is mass murderer?

The film follows the events in the lives of these characters just before the shooting, in an examination of what can bring a man to such a horrendous decision.